Our Services

Civil And Environmental Engineering

We are involved in project planning stages to engineering design and construction of infrastructure for commercial, industrial and residential projects. We are proficient in professional and legislative requirements involved in civil engineering construction.

The Civil Engineering services we offer
are as follows

  • Land development designs
    • Subdivision works
    • Earthworks, Erosion and Sediment control design plans
    • Retaining wall designs – Timber, Steel, Concrete and Block
  • Stormwater
    • Public and private stormwater reticulation design
    • Stormwater treatment
    • Stormwater – mitigation, detention, retention and design
    • Flood and Overland Flow Path investigation and reporting
    • Rock and Surface Soakage investigation, design and reporting
  • Wastewater
    • Public and private wastewater reticulation design
    • Wastewater pumpstation
    • Onsite Effluent Disposal system design
  • Water supply
  • Roading design –  including pavement
  • Common accessway design
  • Project management